Hi! My name is Celestia. I'm a momma of two, yogini, and modern mystic who loves to help others attain and maintain their wellness.

I have a background as a fashion model, magazine editor, radio producer, and published author, but over the last decade have discovered that my soul's true purpose is to help others find their most vibrant health and well being. I am a certified yoga therapist, wellness and nutrition coach, Reiki master, and crystal therapist.

La Bella Una, meaning "The Beautiful One," is the culmination of my purpose and passion for all things wellness and beauty. I invite you to peruse and enjoy. It is my sincere hope that you can find something in here that helps you to create your happiest, healthiest, most vibrant Self.

My journey of wellness and feeling vibrant and beautiful goes back at least two decades. When I went to college I felt extremely vulnerable and unconsciously "padded myself" against the real world by gaining almost 25 pounds. I was heavier than I had ever been, anxious, depressed, and was struggling with my identity in a very real way. For many years I looked outside myself for validation, always searching for something or someone to help me feel complete.

After some years of struggling with my weight and to find my sense of purpose, I re-discovered yoga. I say rediscovered because as a child I already felt truly whole and congruent in body, mind, and spirit. For as long as I can remember, I have always just wanted to be a being of love and light. It was just an amazing breath of fresh air to remember, through yoga, that I was already whole, already perfect. And even though I had some work do to (and always will!) to continually refine my vibrant health, beauty, and well-being, it felt like such a relief to give myself to be permission to be exactly who I really am.

Over the years I have discovered so much about the often simple things we can do to experience our most vibrant health. Through Ayurveda (yoga's sister science) I learned that nutrition is SO much more than simply the foods we eat. It has reminded me to that all the information we take into our beings, the TV shows we watch, the words and music we listen to, our relationships, etc., they all take us closer, or further away from our well-being.

I continue to study, on a daily basis, both modern and ancient modalities that help us to cultivate our personal health, beauty, and power. I combine modern and traditional wisdom to create powerful self-healing strategies for those who are looking for deeper meaning in their lives, and who are ready to journey inward to revive their vitality and experience their own inherent radiance. If you are ready to dive in, I am ready to walk with you, side by side, so that you may unearth and reveal your Highest Self. Love and Light!

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