Cleanse and Wellness Reboot Program

Cleanse and Wellness Reboot Program

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The 1-Week Program Includes:
*The Week long Meal Plan and Recipes
*Grocery List
*Eat/Avoid Food and Beverage List
*A Customizable Meal Plan that you can use time and time again
*20 BONUS Clean Eating Recipes that you can plug into your customizable meal plan for future Clean Eating
*Daily Email with a Clean Eating and/or Healthy Living Tip
*Access to the La Bella Beauty and Wellness Insider Facebook Group for continued accountability and inspiration
*Full email support during the course of our week together
*Gentle Yoga and Breathwork video to help support your reboot
*7-day journal to help you tune in with your body's feedback and identify potential "trigger foods"
*A Wellness Worksheet to help you identify and take action on your wellness goals
*Jumpstart Guides to help you detox your body and support your best health!

Some benefits you will likely experience from this program:
*More sustained energy
*Improved digestion
*Vibrant skin
*Weight loss
*Increased mental clarity
*Improved mood
*Improved overall sense of well being

This program is for you if you are:
*looking to shed those few "extra" pounds
*are feeling sluggish and want to boost your energy and metabolism
*are looking to support your body's natural detoxification pathways
*want to improve your knowledge of clean eating
*have a full schedule and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen daily, but do want to know how to cook healthy, family-friendly meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare


What if I don't have time next week? Can I do it on my own when the timing is better?
YES. Once you sign up I will provide you with all the tools and resources for you to do the reboot when it best suits YOU and YOUR schedule. Plus, you will have access to our private Reboot Facebook Group and email support should you have any questions, or just want the long-term accountability and inspiration.

What if I am vegetarian or vegan?
YES. This can totally be customized to your preferences. Just replace the flesh options with beans or lentils.

What if I am dairy and/or gluten free?
Perfect! All of the recipes herein are already gluten and dairy free.

What if I am a busy mom or dad and don't have 5 hours to spend in the kitchen every day?
GREAT! All of the recipes are customized to be prepared in 30 minutes or less, and if you have time at the beginning of the week you can TOTALLY meal prep lots of the meals and snacks.

What if I am, or have, a bunch of picky eaters at my house?
No problemo. The meal plan is just a guide. Feel free to customize the plan to your family's palates by swapping anything in/out from the "EAT" list.

"This program was honestly a game changer for me. It helped me reboot healthier eating options and I found myself feeling way more energized, feeling better during workouts, and felt more balance overall. The thing I was pleasantly surprised with was how easy and quick the prep really was for the meals. So many times in the past, I've found myself spending so much time making meals with a very full schedule which made it easier to opt for something quicker but not as healthy. I really enjoyed and appreciated the ease of putting together these recipes and how good they all were!" -Katie G.

"I have done many cleanses over the years, and since Celestia is one of loveliest people I have ever met, it's no surprise that her program was terrific! Despite my house being totally under construction (I haven't had a kitchen for 3 months) and being extremely busy, I managed to grill a few things, and use my instant pot to make some extra goodies for the week. I found the program to be really easy to follow. Not sure if I was eating the correct portion size early on, but I was rarely "hungry". I plan to incorporate many of these tricks into my lifestyle going forward, which is different from many other cleanses I have done, where I couldn't wait to get back to some old "bad habits". I also enjoyed some of the ancillary tips about deep breathing and the nutritional supplementary info too." -Lisa G.

"This was a great experience. Took the thinking out of what to cook and what to shop for. I wasn’t excited about smoothies for breakfast since I used to eat a hot breakfast, but I’m still doing it a month later and I love it. The bean dip and energy bites are amazing snacks and my whole family loves all the recipes. I feel less bloated, which is awesome, even though I was already eating very healthy before this. I will re-use this plan strictly when I need to reset after overdoing and also have incorporated some of the recipes into my regular repertoire." -S.T.

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Celestia's program. She has obviously spent some time developing this as it is well thought out and organized. While cooking nutritious meals at home is harder and more time consuming than eating processed food or dining out, she has taken the guess work out of shopping, planning and preparing your meals for the week. Just follow the shopping list and instructions, and viola! Healthy, nutritious eating all week long. We enjoyed it so much and were feeling some much better after the first week that we have decided to keep going for another week. After that, we plan to make a few (or many) tweaks to our regular diet and routines to incorporate many of the recipies, snacks and tips provided from Celestia throughout the week. Hint: It's not all food related. There is a vast amount of information that is provided to you on this program, much of which you can continue to build on to make lasting change to your diet and lifestyle. We would definately recommend her program(s) and we will be back for the next seasonal cleanse!! Thanks Celestia!" Rob and Stephanie T.

Any other questions? Great? Email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.