One-Week-Wellness Reboot Digital Playbook and Meal Plan

One-Week-Wellness Reboot Digital Playbook and Meal Plan

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This has been a YEAR, right?

If your physical and/or mental health have suffered this year and you aren't quite sure where to start to get back on track, THIS CAN HELP YOU.

I put together a very simple, self-directed 1-week program to help you get aligned (or re-aligned) with the daily habits that will help you get back into balance.

The reboot strives for progress over perfection and gives you a clear roadmap to start building healthy habits into your already busy schedule.

The program addresses what I consider to be the 6 main pillars of health and offers simple and effective tips and strategies to help you get attuned with your well-being.

Enjoy these resources for a lifetime! Upon purchase you get lifetime access to this digital download that you can revisit anytime you need a mental and physical reset.

The 1-Week Program Includes:
* instant access to your downloadable 50-page "playbook" that offers you gentle guidance, simple strategies, and journal prompts to get you on your fast track to wellness.
*A quick daily read and journal prompt to help you get clarity around your next step in the right direction of your best health and well-being.
*A self care contract to help you stay accountable to your Self in the healing process
*A weekly habit tracker that you can use time and again to stay on the right track toward your wellness goals.
*A 1-week meal plan to help you nourish yourself as you work through this wonderful week of getting realigned. All the recipes are simple and can be scaled up or down to feed yourself or your tribe.
*The meal plan includes a done for your grocery list.

Benefits of this program:
*Feel empowered knowing EXACTLY what you need to work toward to feel great again.
*Take the overwhelm out of your self care routine.
*Get clarity on which daily and weekly habits will move the needle for your personal health and well-being
*More sustained energy
*Improved digestion
*Increased mental clarity
*Improved mood
*Improved overall sense of well being

This program is for you if you are:
*want to improve your overall health and wellness but don't know where to start
*are feeling sluggish and want to boost your energy and metabolism
*are looking to support your body's natural detoxification pathways
*want to improve your "self care" game
*want to boost your mood and your immune system naturally
*have a full schedule and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen daily, but do want to know how to cook healthy, family-friendly meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare


What if I don't have time this week? Can I do it on my own time?
Yes! This program is designed to be done anytime, and as many times as you'd like! You have lifetime access. So while I encourage you to pencil in the entire week, you can work through the program at your own pace.

What if I am vegetarian or vegan? Will I still be able to use the recipe book?
YES. This can totally be customized to your preferences. Just replace the flesh options with beans or lentils, organic tofu, tempeh, or your favorite meatless option.

What if I am dairy and/or gluten free?
Perfect! All of the recipes herein are already gluten and dairy free.

What if I am a busy mom or dad and don't have 5 hours to spend in the kitchen every day?
GREAT! Me too! And all of the recipes are customized to be prepared in around 30 minutes or less. And if you have time at the beginning of the week you can easily prep lots of the meals and snacks to be enjoyed later.

What if I am, or have, a bunch of picky eaters at my house?
No problemo. The meal plan is just a guide. Feel free to eat whatever you like. I just encourage you to omit gluten, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, and caffeine (if you can), but beyond that you are free to nourish yourself how you see fit over the course of the week-long program.

What others are saying:

"Celestia's holistic approach to vitality shines a refreshing, yet simple light on this important topic. I loved being able to navigate each day of my week with a coaching element as well as time to reflect on how I can put these learnings into action right away. She touches on critical elements of living a most vibrant life, and the program certainly sets the stage for a lifetime of opportunity that awaits for anyone that chooses to follow it”
-Jill A.

"To sum it up, I want to say, WOW!  I feel so much healthier, awake and present. With the resources and support you offer through this reboot, I was able to give my body, mind and soul some much needed attention and TLC. It's been a valuable reminder just how powerful these do-able and realistic lifestyle re-sets are. You helped me set attainable, wellness goals that focused on more than just nutrition and that, I am so thankful for as I usually don't remember to give attention to those things (sleep, social interactions). I can't wait to continue on with these goals, even after this week as it has changed the way I operate for the better. The recipes you create are so delicious, simple to make and continue to amaze me with how much flavor you can get out of wholesome and nutritious foods. This reboot specifically helped me with dietary issues and served as a powerful reminder as to how much better I feel when I eat a clean diet. You truly have a calling and a gift with how you help and teach others about how to live a healthier life and work on being the best version of themselves, so THANK YOU!"
-Katie M.